Introducing CEMS Check Cashing

This premier software will make transactions fast, easy, and error-free. CEMS can scan a customer's ID barcode to instantly autofill their information in the system and process their transactional needs. By using CEMS customers can send or receive money orders, cash checks, make utility payments, do PRA loans (payday loans), store their information, and make purchases.

Get Money

Money Orders

Through CEMS customers will be able to instantly send money and receive money for/from another recipient. Money will be guaranteed and securely sent without the need of a bank account.

cash check

Cash Checks

With our check cashing solution businesses will be able to deposit and clear all checks cashed electronically to their bank. Each check is scanned seamlessly and quickly.


Make Payments

Bill payments can be done through our system. A merchant can make payments for customers to national billers, local utilities, and VISA/MasterCard.


Early Paychecks

PRA loans are essentially an early paycheck option where a customer can receive their paycheck earlier than their payment day to help them make urgent payments and purchases when needed.


Store Information

Merchants can instantly save a customers information within our system use for future purchases. By doing so customers can quickly check out without repeating the same information each visit.


Make Purchases

Merchants can not only use our CEMS for financial services, but merchants can also sell items and collect money with the same system with no issues. Making CEMS a convenient one stop shop for customers.


CEO Masis Sarkisian

CIO Sarge Sarkisian

IT Support

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