Check Deposits

Businesses using this service will be able to deposit and clear all checks cashed to their bank. The check is scanned and the deposit process is quick and easy because there are no secondary scans or extra hardware needed.



With MoneyGram you are able to use our system to perform all of you check cashing, wire transfers, and money order services. All transactions are captured within the check cashing POS system.

Bill Pay

Bill Payment

Through your software's POS, bill payment allows merchants to pay bills for customers directly through the software. The seamless service is easy to set-up and easier to learn. You can send payments to national billers, local utilities, and VISA and MasterCard.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid Debit Cards

We are able to issue and sell prepaid debit cards to load money and make purchases. This options pays a commission to the merchant and gives customers a no-cash option when cashing checks.

Back Up

System Back-up

Our customers information is maintained and backed up through our secure servers. In case of a natural disaster or unforseen damages to a system, your data would be safely backed up. The data will be available whenever it is needed.


Antivirus / Internet Security

Our systems are protected by antivirus to prevent malicious attacks from spyware, malware, and viruses. This is a bundled service processed through a monthly fee and will protect your PC.


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