B.E.S.T. Inc

The company was founded in 1982 with the mission of providing business software at affordable prices, while at the same time maintaining the highest possible quality in its products and services. Nearly two decades and $20 Million have been invested in creating B.E.S.T.'s premier Financial Point of Sale Software (embodying several thousand man years of experience). With over 4,000 installations worldwide, we offer exceptional reliability and diversity.



" To help the underbanked and unbanked everywhere. "

Core Values

  • Affordable Business Software
  • Providing After-Sale Service
  • Create Intuitive Software
  • Work Smart & Build Value
  • Focus On Quality Service
  • Client Driven Products



Our software package is a collection of powerful modules. 95% of your work is done from one easy-to-use screen. It allows check-cashers to run easily and profitably. Below, and on the following pages, you can find some of the many things that can be done by these modules.


Using our technology helps you know your customers and organize their database with ease. You will also experience a speed up in transactions and reduction in workload errors. With real-time information you can increase your business by helping you provide fast customer service.


Our services and software are valuable to a variety of businesses such as: currency exchanges, grocery, supermarkets, casinos, gaming rooms, gas stations, general retail stores, money order Companies and many more! Our software is truly flexible and convenient.


Our check cashing module is made for single stores or multi-locations with high-volume transactions


Online Check Network

Our check verification service matches all checks cashed at any merchant within our database. Our verification prevents a check from being cashed more than once and provides that merchant this information.


Valid Bank Accounts

The system checks if the bank account exists and is valid to use. A score is returned to the merchant and helps determine the validity of the account. It is information reported from participating banks all over the country


Automatic Check Processing

Each check cashed will be cross referenced to ensure the routing number on the check matches the bank and only one belongs to the routed financial institution. If the check does not match the system will notify the merchant of fraudulant.


Multi-Hardware Support

The software works with many hardware options. It is integrated with common check scanners, ID scanners, fingerprint readers, cash registers, and many more hardware options.


Our Financial Kiosk is a Standalone Financial Center!

Doing business with our financial kiosk platform is a new, exciting opportunity. We have come up with a comprehensive set of products and services to completely revolutionize the way people do business. Earn extra revenue by providing preā€“paid services and more! No man-power required. Easy to maintain full service kiosk with endless possibilities. Reduce staff requirements and build your bottom line!

Prepaid Visa/MasterCard Debit Card Solutions: Our Prepaid Countertop Kiosk is a Teller or self-serve Terminal Solution that allows your business to simply add a Prepaid Card Business within your business to earn extra revenue and also to build new customer traffic. With this Module or KIOSK you will be able to Sell, Activate, and Service your customers as a LOADING AGENT for adding FUNDS to their existing accounts based on your customers selected payment method which may include one or more of these such as Cash, Checks, PIN Debit and Credit Card. Your business will also benefit from the added Loyalty and Rewards Program that can be easily added into this Prepaid Card to encourage your customers to do more business with you instead of your competition.



  • Multilingual & Easy to Use
  • Stand alone Financial Kiosk
  • Accepts & Dispenses Cash & Checks
  • No Need to Maintain a Bank Account
  • Debit & Gift Card Purchase or Top Off


  • Drive and Earn from the Traffic
  • No Cashier Interaction = No Mistakes.
  • Process Transactions Instantly
  • Helps with Marketing / Branding
  • Digital Wallet Profits & Upsells


  • Check Cashing
  • Instant Issue Debit Card
  • Free Wire Transfers Worldwide
  • Bill Pay Domestically or Internationally
  • 100% Secure for Total Compliance


CEO Masis Sarkisian

CIO Sarge Sarkisian

IT Support

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